Monday, January 29, 2018

Textron Fleet Management Delivers New Shield Screenless Technology

TFM screen-based systems now include high-definition displays

(AUGUSTA, Ga.) — Golf courses now have more Textron Fleet Management (TFM) solutions to help track pace-of-play, enforce geofencing and monitor the performance of their vehicle fleets. Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. is expanding its TFM offerings to include screenless technology, called Shield, and also is updating its existing screen-based systems with high-definition displays.

“The TFM team recognized the need for a cost-effective solution for courses to optimize fleet performance without requiring a screen inside the vehicle,” said Michael R. Parkhurst, Vice President, Golf for Textron Specialized Vehicles. “The Shield system allows courses to leverage the latest technology integrated in the car to control, track and protect their fleet vehicle investment.”

Shield screenless technology and other TFM systems empower golf course owners and managers with extensive, real-time information to help monitor, maintain and protect their golf car fleet. The systems feature geofencing capabilities with remote vehicle shutdown that allow courses to keep vehicles within specified boundaries for added safety and security. TFM screen-based systems also offer unique features to enhance the golfer’s experience, including real-time tournament scoring, and integrated advertising and video messages.

New high-definition screens on the TFM 7, TFM 7EX and TFM 10EX systems are standard and
have a faster processor for crisper video resolution even on the sunniest of days. The systems now include better speakers with clearer audio and are near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth capable, allowing additional features and enhancements to be added easily in the future.

Additional Textron Fleet Management features include:
- Remote amp-hour and odometer monitoring
- State-of-charge reports
- Charging histories for electric vehicles
- Vehicle travel histories
- Fleet utilization and rotation reports
- Remote diagnostics

TFM software is web-based, which allows its systems to be managed both from clubhouse PCs and from smartphones and tablets anywhere on the course.

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